The Senior Class is in need of:


1) 80 padlocks big enough for students to do some small decorating with their names on it. Size of lock: about 1 1/8- 1 3/16 inch in width. This is for an installment that is already built and so close to being done! The seniors will place their lock on a fence. The installation is called "Locked Out, But Not Forgotten - Class of 2021"

LockOut Frame 2020.JPG

2) Items to decorate senior lockers as we welcome them back to school. Ideas - wrapping paper, tape, balloons, gift cards, candy, snacks, notepads, markers, pens, confetti bombs, streamers, postcards with notes on them, etc. - basically anything you would put in a gift bag or something that can be used to decorate.




To donate please contact Casey O'Neill: