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Booster Meeting Minutes - 12/5/2022
(draft copy - to be approved at Jan meeting)

**If you would like a copy of other minutes, please contact us***


Mammoth High School Booster Club

Board Meeting Minutes

December 5, 2022

5:30-7:00 pm, MHS Library

Type of Meeting: Annual Meeting

Meeting Facilitator: Kendra Knight

Invitees: Kendra Knight, Sue Petroni, Leisha Baldwin, Lori Schneider, Alisa Jones, Annie Rinaldi, Casey O’Neill, Stacey Posey, Elise Howell, Marcy Castro, Dan Furness

  1. Call to order: 5:37pm

  2. Members in attendance: Kendra Knight, Sue Petroni, Alisa Jones, Stacey Posey, Lori Schneider, Leisha Baldwin, Jennie Walker, Kelly Lackey, Sara McConnell, Annie Rinaldi, Elise Howell

  3. Approval of minutes from November 7, 2022: Lori -motion; Sue- second Vote-passed

  4. District Reports

  1. Superintendent Report- Annie Rinaldi-All new and past school board members attended a conference set up for all superintendents & boards from California.  There is Jefferson School District that has a model for creating staff housing our board is looking at options and they are the blueprint to find a way to do this. This would be a 5–7-year project.  First day in the office today, had a principal meeting putting together protocols, etc.

  2. Principal Report- Casey O’Neill-not in attendance- Shane has resigned as Athletic Director, Casey is taking on the role currently but position is flown in house. Winter sports are all set.

  3. Athletic Director- 

  4. Treasurer’s Report-Lori Schneider-Funded winter sports.  Donations for sports are updated. Class of 2021 account was divided among the other 3 classes.  Music received school spirit pays. Jr class concluded pie sales.

  5. Treasurer’s Report-Leisha Baldwin-Received school spirit pays money and music received their portion. Banners have met budget.  Christmas tree expenses are coming in and paid for trees.  Paid liability insurance.  Lori filed tax return. 


  1. Board Reports & Discussion Items

  1. President’s Report – Kendra Knight- Tree lot is getting busy, it officially started today.  $3000 of containers donated by Mammoth Disposal. Looking for ideas for tree lot to improve it.

b) Vice President’s Report-Sue Petroni- no report

c) Membership- Stacey Posey- nothing new in membership and we have reset the link for people to sign up still.  We have 16 seniors currently.  We will follow up with Gpa’s and then send out to Ms. McBride.

d) Sponsorship Banners-Elise Howell- wrapping up banners, still chasing down a couple of renewals. 

e) Communication- Alisa Jones- no report

  1. Teacher Luncheon-Sue Petroni & Marcy Castro-Dec 13 at High school

  2. Christmas Tree-Dan Furness-not in attendance

  1. Board Action

  1. Motion: Lori; I move that we award the seniors the book award funds the day of the awards banquet and lift the requirement of proof of enrollment in college. Alisa- Second.  Opened for discussion via email to continue at meeting.  Vote- passed

  2. Motion: Kendra; I move to update and approve the By-Laws dated 11.28.2022 as our new By-Laws. Alisa-Second. Opened for discussion via email to continue at meeting. Vote passed


  1. New Business:

    1. Teacher Requests for funding-

Matt Brock, Math: reams of graph paper and graph paper notebooks: discussed with options in the office, but should be a school supplies purchase


Sadie Skiles, Science: Is there any ideas on how boosters can help with the sub shortage? No


Kimberly Ohara, PEWish  List: 

Physical Education will lose its facility due to construction in March 2023. Bowling would be an activity we could do in the MPR. 

For scooters (awesome core exercise) we can play adapted volleyball, basketball, handball and a variety of different activities in the MPR or gym.

Bowling Pins



99.95 (1 set)

Total Cost:





$68 each

Total Cost:


Idea: Ask at other schools for supplies that may be in storage also

Alicia Chang, Science:

Camp stoves to act as Bunsen Burners. 4 @ approximately $30 each

Whiteboard markers. 3 boxes of 36 approximately $40 each

Idea: Should be school supplies and she could ask for donations as some members say they may be able to donate.

  1. Old Business

    1. Cross Country boys are league champion and named Academic team in central section

  2. Old Business:

    1. Tree Lot Update: report given in President’s report

  3. Next Meeting –January 9, 2023

  4. Adjournment: 6:37 pm

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