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Booster Meeting Minutes - 9/11/2023
(draft copy - to be approved at Oct meeting)

**If you would like a copy of other minutes, please contact us***

Mammoth High School Booster Club

Board Meeting Minutes

September 11, 2023

5:30-7:00 pm, MHS Library

Type of Meeting: Annual Meeting

Meeting Facilitator: Romi Knott

Invitees: Romi Knott, Sue Petroni, Leisha Baldwin, Lori Schneider, Alisa Jones, Annie Rinaldi, Casey O’Neill, Kelley Lackey, Stacey Posey, Elise Howell, Sheila Brode, Christine Gramlich

  1. Call to order: 5:34

  2. Members in attendance: Romi Knott, Alisa Jones, Stacey Posey, Lori Schneider, Casey O’Neill, Elise Howell, Kelley Lackey, Gillian Parrish, Marcy Castro

  3. Approval of minutes from June 5, 2023: Lori-motion; Elise- second Vote-passed

  4. Board Action:

  1. Vote in New Officers: President : Romi Knott, Vice-President: Susan Petroni, Treasurer: Lori Schneider, Communication: Alisa Jones, Membership: Leisha Baldwin, Membership banners: Sheila Brode

Motion to approve above Board-Romi, Second-Lori All in favor Vote Passed

  1. District Reports

  1. Superintendent Report-Annie Rinaldi- LCAP (Local control and accountability plan) goal cycle and create district goals.

  2. Principal Report- Casey O’Neill-Power outage: construction tore up and this included internets for all sites of schools. The gym will be closed another week.  Construction will put down new pad and continue until snow flies.                          Wish lists from most of the departments on teacher needs.  Culinary last year spent $6,000, and this is given from the school district, and we would like to find a sponsorship to match for this year.  Construction: would like to have a Catalog to sell products that they build.  New Spanish Teacher is doing AP class and there is a book to help teach this class, and an online conversation option.  AP computer science would like a microbit.  Math would like equipment.  Science is looking for biology online simulators, and dissection supplies.  PE is looking for adapted balls for SDC kids.

Shelving will arrive at Thanksgiving for the library. No plan to buy lockers at this time. 

Back to School Night on Wednesday April 13th in the MPR

  1. Athletic Director-Kelley Lackey-Fall sports update, Volleyball off to a good start Varsity 7-3 overall. Cross country had an invitational in N Tahoe and boys 1st overall and girls were 2nd overall with some great finishes by individuals.  Football is 1-2 so far. Hudl focus camera in the gym is setup and live stream is set up and football will be able to have live stream also.  Fan Page for Hudl will allow “fans” to live stream and watch games, we can decide if it is free or a subscription fee.

  2. Treasurer’s Report-Lori Schneider-Approved the budget and voted on.  Budget is gone over and explained. Reserve accounts are reconciled.  Lori-Motion to disperse the Grad class funds to the 3 classes, Romi-second and vote-passed.

  1. Board Reports & Discussion Items

  1. President’s Report – Romi Knott-I am brand new and do my best with giving an update. A local radio station would like to advertise, and I suggested we trade sponsorship, but this did not go any further.  I have secured food vendors for the next 2 home football games.                                                         ·

b) Vice President’s Report-Sue Petroni- not in attendance

c) Membership- Leisha Baldwin-not in attendance

d) Membership Banners-Elise Howell/ Sheila Brode-successful at the gates of Football and Volleyball games.  Expecting renewals of $15,725 and we pay for square fee of 2.3% however it is helpful for fundraising.  Best way to buy a membership and banner is thru our website.  Andrea Fazio has asked for Boosters to anticipate the funds and requests for Mammoth Mountain and send them a list.  Add to agenda to have Andrea come to speak about fundraising.

e) Communication- Alisa Jones- no report

  1. Teacher Luncheon-Christine Gramlich-set a date in December

  2. Christmas Tree-Stacey Posey-talked to Gary (Tree Farmer) and we paid Deposit, ordering a few more trees than last year. He will try to fill the order the best he can with trees that were not harmed during harvest.  I will acquire a temporary sellers permit 30 days out.  Need to coordinate a location and hours of operation.

  1. Board Action

  1. Yearly Calendar:  Lori-Motion to approve, Romi-Second-vote passed

  2. Approval of Proposed 2023-2024 Budget:  Romi-Motion to approve the budget, Elise-second Vote passed.

  3. Fund Fall Sports: Lori-motion, Romi-second and vote passed

  1. New Business

  1. Community Input

  2. Teacher Request for Funding-discussed above

  3. VES bingo fundraiser September 19, 2023 @ Warming Hut

  4. File Raffle paperwork in October-Sue will file for next calendar year

  5. Set date for teacher luncheon-discussed above


  1. Old Business

  1. Gaining emails from Memberships- we will gain them from the School District and registration

  1. Next Meeting –October 2, 2023

  2. Adjournment: 7:30pm

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